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Keep it moving

Keep it moving

November/ December for me is all about promoting the need to keep up with the fit and healthy lifestyle, so that January isn’t an uphill struggle. But I appreciate that may not have happened for many of you. So many things get in the way of those good intentions in the run up to Christmas - the excitement takes over and there’s a tendency to sack things off for a bit. And, this past December, there was the added nervousness of going ANYWHERE, as you didn't want to get Covid and miss Christmas with your loved ones!!

Well, if that was you, then January has probably started with you working on resolutions, trying to get back to 'normality' and back in that healthy routine (while simultaneously still trying to avoid the vid!).

As you can probably guess though, keeping fit and healthy is something I, myself, don’t just leave for January (although I do need to burn off the odd excess mince pie now - peri-meno certainly isn't forgiving!), but I believe that you really shouldn’t see it as a chore. It’s not necessarily about hitting the gym everyday or punishing yourself doing x amount of killer youtube workouts in a week, it’s more about just ‘keeping moving’ and generally being active on a daily basis. Yes, get those sessions in, but make them ones you enjoy and not ones you do because you ‘have to’. You’ll only end up resenting exercise in general if you do this. So, just keep moving - do more walking, playing with the kids in the park, dance round the kitchen etc. Try and weave fitness and healthy eating into your regular routine, bit by bit, rather than changing your routine completely - it’s much more manageable that way.

And, aim to become physically strong, mentally clear and have a more balanced life, rather than setting yourself difficult goals of getting washboard abs, when you're going through menopause, for example!

If however, challenging yourself to reach difficult goals is something you relish, then of course, give me a ring/email and we can work on a plan to get you on the right track (in a sustainable way of course!). Otherwise, ease yourself in - just ‘keep it moving’! And enjoy that movement.

Don't be one of the many people who give up on their resolutions by the end of Jan!


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