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I often get asked for recommendations on certain fitness and health related products, so here are some you can check out. Some you can buy direct from me and others are from external sites.

** please note I am an Amazon Affiliate and a Yoga Leggs Affiliate so get a commission for everything purchased by the related links below.

Online Shopping
Items in my own shop:
Sports wear:

Finding the right leggings that you don't have to constantly hitch up or that show your knickers and that don't cost the earth, is a hard task! I've tried a lot out over the years, so I'll happily recommend. The leggings that have lasted the longest on me so far have been my Nike and H&M ones. Ones for great colour combos, and that look fab are Just Strong (although they do need a hitch every now and again) and Yoga Leggs* (amazing patterns and they fit really well). Check Yoga Leggs out here.

Amazon picks:

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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