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Happy Women
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Taking you from midlife muddle to midlife marvel!

12 week online 1:1
peri-menopause coaching

Do you want to:

  • re-discover your sense of self (and not just that of mum, wife or worker)

  • feel confident in your own skin and feel stronger, fitter and more toned

  • have the energy to get through your day  

  • breeze through midlife, feeling knowledgeable and facing menopause head on

  • just feel less bloody achy and constantly battling ailments don't know where to start with all this?

Stretching Exercises
  • Maybe you’ve tried various things before and they’ve not worked

  • Maybe you just don’t have the time to work on your own self-care (or THINK you don’t have time!)

  • Maybe you’re suffering from overwhelm with the amount of info out there

  • Maybe you think you’re doing things well (eating well, exercising etc) but still not feeling quite yourself

Diet Plan

How I can help

So many things contribute to our wellbeing in midlife and JUST ONE SMALL THING could be knocking you out of kilter. By joining me for coaching, I will help you find that disruptor, by looking at the WHOLE of you (mind, body and emotions). I’m here to help you regain control and get your mojo back!

I work specifically with you and your needs, by looking at where you’re at currently, where you want to be and then working on a way to bridge that gap. Everyone experiences peri/menopause differently, so this journey and the results will be entirely individual to you, but my aim is to provide you with the foundations/framework to take you through midlife in a healthy and positive way.


You don’t need to worry about cutting out your favourite foods or that glass of wine with the girls. Or that you’ll have to workout like a beast. Or that you’ll have to spend hours of time you don’t have on this. That’s not what this coaching is all about. I promise, coaching is not like seeing a boot camp instructor – I’m here to simply help you understand and get pleasure in what you’re doing, while getting the results you strive for.

I’m here to help you embrace midlife rather than let it define you!

Don't put off tomorrow what can be started today

There’s never a great time, so why keep putting it off. You probably still have a 1/3 of your life left, so don't let it pass you by!

Plant that healthy seed and carry on through peri-menopause and beyond, feeling great.


Sarah is by far one of the most reliable, professional, kind, high-spirited, and motivating people I have ever worked with. I have been working with Sarah for the last 3 months and already feel stronger and more confident about myself. She keeps me motivated all the time and is always available to talk to and give feedback & advice.

Lora M

Solution to success: what we cover


I’ll provide tailored programmes for your needs where we work on cardio, strength and flexibility


I’ll provide you with recommendations for hormone balancing foods and help you get the most out of what you nourish your body with


We’ll look at your goals and at the simple and small habit changes that can make a big impact – ones that are important to you

Image by Jess Bailey

I’ll provide you with the tools to manage your sleep, manage your stress levels and help find those areas that need most attention

And it will all fit round your busy life – you don’t need to be working out 5 times a week and living off salad leaves.

We set goals and visions for the future, so you have the motivation and the drive to continue on your journey, long after we finish working together. I want the changes we make to not only bring you the results in this 12 weeks, but also set you up for the long term. 

Who it's NOT for

People who shouldn’t sign up:

  • Those that just want a workout plan or a meal plan

  • Those who purely want to lose weight or have an aesthetic goal

  • Those that aren’t open to working on themselves – their mind as well as their body

  • Those that want a quick fix

If however, you want a framework that is helping women who are struggling to eat right, exercise and look after their mental and physical health, then this is for you. Get in touch

Cute Planner

What it looks like

  • 1:1 coaching sessions (either online or in-person if local) 

  • Personalised workout routines via an app where we can track your progress

  • Nutritional recommendations, recipes and ideas to help optimise your diet

  • Regular assessments to see how you’re progressing and keep you motivated

  • Checklists and worksheets to help you on your road to success

As a bonus you will also get access to:

  • The Lift Lean on-demand workout library (for short strength routines) 

  • Weekly online Pilates classes

  • 6 day Move Well course (for flexibility & mobility) 

12 week programme price £1,495 (payment plan available) FOR 8 WOMEN THIS IS REDUCED TO JUST £797*

How to get started: if you're not sure if coaching is what you need, then book a call we me and we can see if it's the right route. If you're ready to just dive right in, then the booking links are below

*special offer price in return for feedback and testimonial. Use code MLR23


One payment



3 monthly payments


Sale Branding


12 week programme for just £797


Who am I and why should listen to me?

I’m slightly in denial about my age, but I’m…ahem 46. I re-trained as a personal trainer when I was pregnant with my daughter as I wanted a job that I actually enjoyed and that gave me the flexibility and that ever desired work-life balance. I’ve worked with plenty of women over the last 7 years, helping them get stronger in both mind and body. I love helping women get back their mojo and empowering them to live their best lives.


I want you to feel more like YOU and not just as a mum, a wife or an employee. Having your own self worth as an individual is important and it will better enable you to deal with the daily stresses and actually BE THERE for your loved ones, despite menopausal symptoms often putting a cat among the pigeons!

PS. I am now a certified Menopause Movement coach

Menopause movement logo.png

Power Hour - £120

If the thought of committing to 12 weeks is a little daunting, but you either need a push in the right direction or you have something specific you'd like support and guidance on, then my Power Hour might be for you.


Whether you need a boost in energy, you need help tackling your stress levels or whether you just need a bit of knowledge to help you come to terms with what's happening to your body, this will help!


This Power Hour will help you gain clarity and give you the tools to establish your next steps.

It also includes a 30 minute follow up check-in.

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