Health & fitness training


  • Have more energy and more va va voom?

  • Feel more toned, less wobbly?

  • Feel stronger and fitter?



Fitness training can achieve a multitude of objectives, whether that be fat loss, toning, strength, endurance, injury recovery or just warding off those age-related ailments, and I'm here to help whatever that goal might be. By training with me, you'll get the motivation, guidance and support needed to prioritise and improve your physical and mental health in a fun, yet effective, way! If you're not sure how to get started - I can help guide you! If your current health and fitness regime isn't working - I can help you switch it up! If you're struggling to fit exercise into your life - I can help you find the time! If you can't stick at things - I can help with small, sustainable habit changes! I'm based in Henleaze, Bristol, BS9, so can either work with you here, at your place or in a green space near you. Next step? Get on a quick discovery call and I'll see what path might be right for you.


In the same way I work with people in-person, I can work with you virtually too!

If you work from home, this is a great option as you don't need to factor in travel time - simply move from desk to mat!

Also ideal if you don't live locally to me, but still want to take me up on my expertise ;-)

You'll get the same programming and the same support, but we'll just see each other over Zoom.

If you'd like to chat about this, let's get on a call.


This way of working gives you the same benefits in terms of programming, support and guidance, but in a more flexible way.

You can pick when you do your workout (no worries about cancellation fees if you have something crop up) and as the programme will be delivered via app, you can choose where you do it too.

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Although my messaging might be towards busy midlife women, I have worked with (and will continue to work with) all ages, lifestages and genders - from the 19 year male who wanted to get into the fire brigade, to the expectant mum, to the amazingly independant 90 year old woman! Find out more about how I might be able to help you at different life stages: Pre-natal ( BumpFit) Post-natal ( BabyFit) Over 70's ( LifeFit) If I feel I can help you, then I will! Next step? Book a call with me and I'll see what path I think might work for you.