A man is as young as his spinal column.Joseph Pilates is known for saying. “If your spine is stiff at 30, you are old. If it is flexible at 60, you are young.”

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Monday: 7pm (45min class) Wednesday: 7pm (30min class) Thursday: 7.30am (30min class) Friday: 10am (45min class) All classes currently on Zoom. Book your place online and you'll be sent a link. HOW MUCH: £7 for 45min class / £6 for 30min class / £15 weekly unlimited / £42 for 6 week course


You may have heard Pilates works on your core strength and your posture.

That’s correct, but it’s also so much more.

It’s truly a whole body workout that looks at improving coordination, flexibility, stretching and strengthening. Perfect for times like now, when we’re spending so much time sitting hunched over our make-shift home desks!

In the class we’ll work on incorporating the breath into our exercises, with the aim of releasing tension, allowing for enhanced movement and giving you a greater body awareness. Again, helping you get through these tricky times, relaxing and grounding you.

Get that mind body connection, combined with improved strength and flexibility!


ENERGISING YOUR EMPLOYEES: *** Currently offering live, private online classes for your employees. Email me to discuss costs and available time slots*** With the health & wellbeing of employees being so important to businesses these days, why not bring a class to your building for staff to attend on their lunch break? Offering fitness opportunities will improve the physical and mental health of your staff (and in turn reduce sick days), reduce stress and increase productivity. So, if you're a business in or around North Bristol, who wants to create a healthy workplace and have space for a class (or even a workshop), then please get in touch with me. Benefits: Great staff benefit Energising Reduces sick days Improves staff moral Contact me to discuss workplace fitness and wellness options, whether that's an exercise class, small private group sessions, one-on-one personal training or topical workshops.



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Phone number: 07980 554324

Location: Henleaze, Bristol, BS9


If not training at my home in BS9, we can train in the comfort of your home or a local green space. Travel fees may be applicable depending on distance from me.

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