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Should I do online or in-person training?

online personal training

We all learn in different ways. Some of us are hands on, others like the comfort of a text book. Some like to learn alone, others in a group environment. It’s therefore all very personal as to which method is for you, but the face of fitness is ever changing and there are so many different options, with so much technology now getting used, that I wanted to just give you a breakdown of the benefits of both in person and online personal training.

Firstly what does online training involve?

Well there are loads of online fitness options, but what I’m talking about is actual personal training, so you’re still being given a truly personalised service, the only difference being that you may not ever see your trainer in the flesh. It depends on your trainer’s offering, but you’re likely to receive regular programme updates based on your progress, measurement/progress checkpoints, nutritional advice as well as support and motivation along the way. Some often add in Skype sessions to check on your form or just to check in, but in general the trainer will set you your programme and schedule it in for you to do at certain points on your own.

Benefits of each

In person

  • You build up a rapport with your trainer. They get to know your strengths and weaknesses quickly and can adapt to that. Having a good relationship also helps with motivation, trust and relatability. They can also lend a sympathetic ear and support should you need it.

  • The trainer will have all the kit. There’s no need for you to have any weights or bands etc, as they will have access to them either at the gym where you train or in their home.

  • No time wasted watching videos and reading instructions on each exercise as the trainer will always do a quick demo.

  • The trainer can quickly see if your form isn’t right or if you have an imbalance and will be able to correct you there and then.

  • You will benefit from your trainers knowledge on an ongoing basis as they will be teaching you and giving you useful advice as you go along.

  • There’s more accountability. You’re more motivated if you know that a trainer is waiting for you and you’re more likely to push yourself as your trainer will look to challenge you.


  • Although the trainer is likely to schedule in a specific time for you to do your training, this is entirely flexible so if you’re out for the evening then you can reschedule to the morning for example.

  • You can do the workout wherever in the world you are. If you go on holiday or are away with work you will still be able to access your workout and do it.

  • Everything is written down for you to see, with detailed instructions on the exercises and videos to follow.

  • Availability of trainers isn’t an issue as you can pick from a multitude of trainers, rather than relying on those that are in a close vicinity. Especially good if you have a particular goal or an injury that needs a specialist, that may not be available in your area.

  • You don’t waste time travelling to and from gyms/ training venues.

  • There will be various levels of support but you will generally be given easy access to your trainer for any advice or support you need.

  • It will be less expensive.

As I said in the beginning, it really is down to the individual and how you react to different training formats. I’ve been teaching in-person training for 4 years now and I love getting to know my clients and helping support them through their journey. I know many of my clients like that I’m there to push them along and to be a sympathetic ear when they’re having a tough time. But, I’ve also started doing online training too and it really is a great alternative if you’re someone that is willing to self-motivate to a certain extent. You can of course still have a rapport with your trainer and have that support needed, but it may come slower as it’s harder to build a relationship on email.

I’d love to know what you think and if you have any questions about how either option might work for you. If you think you’d like to give online training a go, then I’d be happy to offer a short term free trial.


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