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The Christmas Countdown

You’re probably not in the festive zone just yet, but think about all the parties and the celebrating you’ll be doing shortly. And, think about how that impacts on your current routine. Well I’m here to give you a weekly reminder to squeeze that workout into your week, so that come January you aren’t making snap decisions to join the gym or go on drastic diets. I’m not a party pooper ( I love a glass of fizz as much as the next person), so these next few weeks are all about maintenance and not going overboard with your eating and drinking, and of course getting the exercise in!

I started this with a 12 week run in, giving you a weekly routine to do every week until the big day. They're not long routines so easy to fit in your day - if you can, try doing them a few times a week!

Like me on Facebook or follow me on Instagram to get the workouts straight away (as you can see it's taken 6 weeks for me to add them here!):

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