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5 reasons to join a pregnancy fitness class

Pregnancy fitness class

You’re pregnant – congratulations!!

Are you thinking about you now or about the impending arrival? Most likely you’re thinking mainly about the baby: what to buy for the nursery, what pram to get, the birthing plan etc…. Well what about you? Yes, you need to think about you – look after your health and wellbeing! You’re the baby’s vessel for 9 months and you need to be fit and healthy to support an equally fit and healthy baby. Now I’m not saying you need to go crazy exercising or start any diets, but you will see so many benefits from just staying active.

My blog ‘Having a FITT pregnancy’ talks about what type of activity you can do and how often you should do it, but here are 5 reasons why you should join a specific pregnancy fitness class:

  1. You will get qualified advice on what exercises you can and can’t do at certain stages of pregnancy. It’s very difficult to find the ‘right’ information online through YouTube videos etc, and it can get confusing knowing what to do. A qualified teacher will also be able to assess you and your capabilities, check your form and tailor the exercise to you. A YouTube presenter can’t see you!

  2. You’ll strengthen up areas that will help you later on. Work on those back and arm muscles to help with baby carrying, bum and thighs for picking baby up and down, and of course the core (including pelvic floor) to help with labour and improve your alignment.

  3. Attending a class gives you accountability. If you’re signed up to something, you’re more likely to keep it up as a regular thing and doing something sporadically isn’t going to give you much benefit. It’s easy to sack off a video.

  4. Exercising regularly will help prepare your body for the physical challenges of childbirth and your post-birth recovery. It will also help manage or prevent you getting pregnancy related aches and pains.

  5. It’s sociable. You’ll get to meet other mums-to-be. It can be quite isolating being pregnant so being in a room with other mums with similar concerns and questions, can be quite comforting.

So what are you waiting for? Try and find a class in your local area, or if you’re around Enfield, then come and join me and my lovely mums-to-be at BumpFit. You can find out the next course details here. And you can sign up here.


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