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Are personal trainers expensive?

Gym go-er?

Are you a member of a gym? Now be honest, if you are, how often do you go? Have you worked out what your cost per visit actually is?

A gym membership can cost quite a bit, depending where you go, and although you may go crazy with the workouts in January and maybe into February, you can guarantee the majority of people will reduce their visits from then and their value for money shoots through the floor. I read recently: 'that Britons waste £37 million each year on unused gym memberships, exercise and slimming classes (£303 per adult, with a further £158 on unused sports equipment)'.

Come on everyone - think about your finances! You could put it to much better use. Yes, the cost per hour of a personal trainer, to many, can be seen as a luxury, but if you’re wasting money on a gym you don’t go to, then surely you’d be better off spending that on something that will actually get you results.

Non gym go-er?

If you’re not a gym member, think about how much you spend on eating out and a good bottle of wine every now and again. The cost of a personal trainer, who will improve your wellbeing, and where you’ll see some change, is surely worth it, rather than something you eat and don’t get a return on. I’m not saying sacrifice the fun times (I’m not a buzz kill!), but think about how much you spend on things that aren’t tangible.

Worth it?

Obviously I’m slightly biased in that I’m a personal trainer, but I think it’s definitely a cost that’s worth paying. Here are some benefits of using a personal trainer:

  • You get a workout programme that is tailored to your goal and your fitness level, which is modified as you progress

  • They’re great motivators and will aim to get the best out of you at every session

  • There’s someone there making you do it. Your trainer will be there knocking on your door, so there’s no ‘I’m too tired to go to the gym’ excuses. It also means you’re accountable - no-one likes to bail

  • They will challenge you, and won’t let you give up as easily as you might if training on your own

  • They will do assessments, tests and measurements to check how you're improving, so there’s a benchmark to work from.

  • They’ll give you expert advice on what exercises are best for you and most will give you nutritional tips too

Not sure you can afford it?

A few ideas here:

  • Try an intensive period with a trainer - do 6 sessions or so to give you the kick start. Once you know what you’re doing it’s easier to go off on your own

  • Spread your sessions out. You don’t have to see a trainer a few times a week to get the benefit. Have a session once a week or once every other week and as long as you get some exercises from them to do at home between sessions, then you can keep it up. Better for those that can self-motivate to stay healthy between sessions!

  • Team up with a partner or friend(s) and do a session together, to make it cheaper. This option is great for motivating each other, as you definitely don’t want to let down your friend.

Find out more

If you’d like to know more about the packages I can offer, please get in touch. My prices will be going up slightly in January so why not get me booked (and paid for) this month to take advantage of the 2016 rates. Don't worry you can start in Jan if you do this!

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