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And I'm done

I lasted a full 22 days without refined sugars. Pretty good going I think!

What did I learn? Well, I realised that there are loads of things out there that I eat that really have too much sugar in and that I really don't need them. There are plenty of alternatives out there. I learnt a lot about my eating habits and how, despite not actually being hungry, I still graze a lot and generally on not so healthy options. It's definitely educated me a lot more and I'm certainly more aware of what I'm eating now.

But, I'm not a believer of cutting out anything specific from a diet (unless you're actually allergic/ intolerant). It's all about moderation and having a healthy balanced plate, so it's not something I was ever going to carry on with and I think that was what probably kept me going....the thought that I could have a piece of cake in the near future! ;-)

I had a few people comment on my skin glowing, but I didn't specifically feel any better for it or notice any particular changes myself. I'm not 100% convinced on the 'habit' aspect as I don't feel any different towards the mountain of snacks that appear in the office - I just have to really reign myself in and it's a concerted effort to do that. Although, I guess the fact that I'm trying my hardest not to eat everything in sight, is in itself breaking my habit.....

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