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Detox time

Like everyone else I have my bad habits and can't resist the odd biscuit or sweet here and there. I personally don't believe in depriving ourselves of things we enjoy on a long term basis - moderation is key. Anyway, the other week I found myself in a charity shop and bought a copy of Gillian McKeith's 'You are what you eat' book. If you're as old as me, you'll probably remember her as one of the first people on mainstream tv to talk about nutrition, and that she was a little obsessive about poo!! The book is actually quite interesting and talks about all the common ailments you could get and what nutrient deficiency that could stem from. It also talked about how we should give our body a break every now and again, through a detox. Unlike some of the juice detoxes around that are for a few days (no way I could do that long!), this one was for one day (although you could do for 3 days if wanted). It actually didn't look too difficult, but then I do generally eat what I want when I want so it was going to be tough sticking to something so regimented.

So, my day's food/drink consumption:

  • Lemon water on wake up - it recommends having a warm drink rather than cold, which shocks the system

  • Breakfast of a small bowl of fruit - berries, apple, cherries and pineapple

  • Herbal tea early morning

  • Green fruit juice - freshly nutribullet-ed mid morning

  • Lunch - plate of raw salad

  • Herbal tea early afternoon

  • Veggie juice mid afternoon - carrot, celery and apple

  • Herbal tea late afternoon

  • Handful of sunflower seeds

  • Dinner of miso soup (just the broth)

  • Lemon water

I have to admit I did pick a fairly easy day, as I was busy with clients all morning (so no snacking time) and it was a hot day so I wasn't as fussed about food as I normally am. I was scheduled to have another veggie smoothie and more herbal tea but to be honest I didn't need them. One negative was that I did get some slight headaches in the afternoon

It was still a challenge, as there's just temptation all around, especially when you go near a supermarket and smell beautiful bakery smells!! I also found it hard not eating solids and food that in general is healthy and good for you. But, I just kept telling myself it's just one day.

So, did I feel any better for it?

The answer there would be no. But, I wasn't doing it to lose weight (which you only actually lose mucus and water anyway), so there wasn't any external sign of it having affected me. I am however, hoping that my insides are thanking me for it!! :-)

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