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Why you should relax during pregnancy

Ok, so I’m always saying that just because you’re pregnant you shouldn’t automatically stop exercising (you’re not ill and there are so many benefits to staying active!), BUT equally you do need to think about taking time out. Scheduling in some rest and relaxation is really important for the mind and body.

We all lead such busy lives and we tend to forget that sometimes we need to have ‘me time’ and that’s never more important than when you have a growing baby to think about. Stress can really affect the health, growth and development of your baby.

The benefits of relaxing:

It helps our body

  • we’re less likely to get tension in our muscles if we just let them rest

  • we can manage our blood pressure better

  • by practicing breathing techniques we can help with the effects of tiredness and what you’ve learnt can be used to help in labour!

It helps our mind

  • we’re better able to cope with the stresses of daily life if we have time for clarity

  • it gives us time to think positive thoughts and rid ourselves of any negative energy which again will help in labour – use the breathing and the visual imagery to create a sanctuary of calm!

It helps our baby

  • they feel your tension so you being relaxed, makes them more relaxed

What not to do:

  • Stop trying to be a perfectionist and act like your pregnancy isn’t affecting you.

  • Stop rushing about trying to get everything done ready for when the baby is born.

  • Stop being a martyr.

What to do:

  • Ask for help from your partner, family or friends – they can do things just as well as you (yes they can – if you give them chance!) and are totally capable of ordering things on Amazon!

  • Schedule in some ‘me time’ every week and don’t feel guilty about it – have a massage, go to the cinema alone or simply soak in the bath.

  • Don’t over-work yourself at work – take your lunch break and make sure you aren’t having to work ridiculous hours

  • Outsource chores – if you can afford it, get a cleaner or someone to iron the clothes. It’s one less thing to worry about

  • Try some yoga or meditation – mix your regularly activities with more mindful practices that will help you release your tensions through thought and breath

  • Take a walk – going for a gentle stroll in the sunshine can really boost your mood and will give you some needed vitamin D too

So get your diary out and schedule some relaxation in!

Let me know what you do to relax.


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