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Eight benefits of exercising outdoors

Summer may be over, but don’t let the weather put you off getting out in the fresh air. The benefits of exercising outdoors far outweighs the hair issues from damp weather (I know – I have hair that goes crazy at any hint of moisture!). So, Sarah, what are the benefits? Why should I move things outdoors?

Boosts your mood

Breathing in fresh air and exercising in a picturesque green park is mood enhancing, increasing your serotonin levels.

More interesting

Running around different scenery is also far more interesting for the mind than staring at a blank wall when on a treadmill at the gym.

Increases your vitamin D levels

The exposure to natural light boosts your vitamin D stores, which helps keep bones and teeth healthy as well as looking after your eyes and protecting you from various illnesses. Admittedly, of course, you don’t want to be spending too much time in the sun (not a problem now we’re out of Summer). Unfortunately from Oct to March/April, we have next to no vitamin D from the sun in the UK so you only have a bit of time to get this in (unless you go to the other side of the world on holiday that is).

It's more of a challenge

The uneven ground and the slopes you get in the park, also make for more of a challenge. So your body works harder and therefore burns more calories

Offers a varied full body workout

There are so many objects that you can utilise in your workout, so it’s not just about running – try some tricep dips or fast step ups on a bench for example.

Money saving

Unless you’re attending a specific outdoor class, it’s a free activity – just check out your local green space or explore your neighbourhood


You’re not time-bound. You don’t have to rush home to get to that class at 7.30. You can take to the street or park at any time that’s convenient to you.

All inclusive

You can do it with the family, rather than just heading off to a class on your own. Get the kids down to the park and running/ play about with you

“there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing” 😊


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