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Taking it back to childhood – why you should start skipping

It’s a cheap way of exercising (a rope costs a few quid), you get out in the fresh air and you get plenty of cardio, so why not boost your fitness regime with a bit of skipping? I remember spending many a childhood day in the playground with a skipping rope, either playing with friends or challenging myself to go faster. The aim then wasn’t to stay fit, it was just for fun, but reminiscing about those days and digging that rope out, could really help you reach your fitness goals!

If you’re a sports person where agility and footwork is important (like boxing, football or tennis), then skipping is a great grounding for finding your rhythm and becoming more agile. But, it’s a great exercise even if you aren’t the next Nicola Adams or Andy Murray. It can be pretty intense so you often don’t need to work out for long, thereby giving you more of a HIIT workout. But you could also take it more steadily to work on your aerobic capacity.

Its benefits include:

  • Improved heart rate, in turn giving you more stamina

  • More calories are burnt in a shorter space of time than many other cardio options (apparently 1300 kcals in an hour)

  • As mentioned it can improve performance in your other sports/ exercise

  • It’s a great full body workout but you will see a difference in particular with the calves, which don’t get much working out normally

  • Better overall balance, coordination and agility

Anyone can start skipping, so don’t worry if you’re new to it. If you are a beginner, however, maybe just start with a few minutes at a fairly slow pace and gradually work up to faster and longer and with different types of moves.

Want something a bit more sweaty? Try this 10 minute one out for size

Let me know how you get on and whether it’s a good to reminisce about!


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