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Why do I get dizzy and should I worry?

Do you get dizzy spells after getting up too quickly?

This is a common issue in pregnancy, particularly in early pregnancy when you have a surge of hormones. The progesterone hormone causes the smooth muscle fibres to relax and affects the body’s ability to quickly respond to a quick change of movement, making you experience a slight drop in blood pressure. But don't worry, your body should adapt to this change in hormones as you progress into your second trimester, so this should improve.

It could however also be down to low blood sugar levels, so make sure you’re eating healthily and that you have regular meals and plenty of water.

Anaemia may also be a cause, but this will be checked by the midwife as part of your blood tests, so you’ll be prescribed iron supplements to help this.

So in summary, it’s all fairly normal. When it happens, just sit down and rest a while and when you need to move about, just make sure you do things slowly!

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