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Keep it up - don't waste money

For many people the new year signals all that ‘new me, new body’ malarkey. And all the advertising about detoxing etc makes us feel like we’ll be left behind (and fat) if we don’t get on the bandwagon. Well, we should be working on our health and fitness all year round, so I find it crazy that people suddenly become gym-aware in January.

A waste of money

Great for the gyms, as loads of people sign up with these amazing intentions, give away their hard earned cash, go full pelt for a month or two and the the gym doesn’t see them again for the rest of the year. They’re quids in. You however, have just squandered your money on something that hasn’t really given you the results you needed.


So how about you kick start things by staying fit and healthy over the festive season? If you can maintain things, there won’t be that mad panic in January that you need to lose loads of weight. Yes you may well still join the gym in January, but if you’ve put in the groundwork already then you’re more likely to stick at it and not waste that gym membership.


There’s no reason to be a hermit over the festive period, just so that you avoid all the temptation. Christmas is a joyful time and sacrificing the things you take pleasure in, will just make you miserable. It’s all about moderation. Have a plan, but make it a plan you can stick to, something that’s achievable. Balance out the healthy living with the treats.

Now what?

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