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Get fit for free

Some ideas for you, if you’re not keen on forking out for the gym, classes or a PT:

  • Go to a green gym in one of the local parks - get fit outdoors in the fresh air.

  • Try some YouTube workouts at home - I can give recommendations if needed

  • Crank up the music and get the hoover out - add in some squats and lunges while you do them. Keep the tummy in to work your core!

  • Engage and strengthen your core when at your desk, by raising one foot off the floor and hold. The higher the leg the harder you’ll work

  • Do some outdoor conservation work in your local community - planting trees, gardening etc all burns the calories

  • Parkrun - organised 5km races in your local park. All for free and you get timed, so you can see progress and your positioning against others. visit to find your nearest one

  • Rediscover skipping - good for the heart and lungs, bone density, balance and flexibility. If you don’t have a rope you can get them really cheaply from argos/ sports direct/ Tkmaxx etc

  • Form a team - find friends, advertise for others and form a rounders team or something you can easily play in a park for free

  • Do some gardening - perfect calorie burning activity and you get a nice looking garden to boot.

  • Walk the dog (it’s possible to rent a pooch for this!) - brisk walking with several short bursts to chase the dog will burn the calories. Trowing sticks adds to this

  • Play with the kids - take them to the park and have a game of football or run around after them. Get some quality family time while getting some exercise in

  • Cycle to work - if you’re not a million miles from the office why not use some peddle power. Get away from the stinky arm pits and save the Oyster fare.

  • Or if you're a little to far to cycle (or there's too many hills), just get off a stop or two earlier and walk the final straight.

So you don't need to fork out loads of money to keep fit, so no excuses! :-)


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