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Who's supporting you?

So you have the goal(s). You have a time frame. You have the plan of how you’re going to reach those goals. Initially you’re going to be excited and gung-ho about this new journey, but have you thought about how you’ll feel if things don’t go as well as planned or if you have a bad day? You may well be a great self-motivator, but most of us aren’t in the long term. So, have a think about your support network.

Having your family, friends, partner around to support you is important.

If they are on board with your goal (weight loss, an event, manage menopausal symptoms etc) then they can help encourage and motivate you to keep going. When you feel like you can't manage an exercise session or you want to eat your bodyweight in ice cream, they can get you through that feeling and onto a more positive one.

Let them know your goals and time lines and how you’re measuring success. They can be there as someone to be accountable to. They can remind you of your goal when you might be struggling and they can remind you to check-in when it comes to monitoring your progress.

Tell them what your ‘barriers’ to exercising/healthy eating are - if they know what your sticking points are they they can help you through and guide you in the right direction.

Or, why not work out with someone? If you know someone is relying on you to go to a class with, go for a jog with, or see a PT with, you're more likely to get out of the house - no-one likes to let others down. It can also make it much more fun if you have a friend to have a chat or a giggle with.

So, don't do it alone guys - it's much better together!


I offer personal training sessions for individuals, pairs or small groups, so if you want the motivational element and the cost saving, team up! Speak to me about options.

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