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Pounding the pavement - running tips

Some tips for improving your performance:

  • Tweak your technique gradually. It can take a while to get into the right running style. Think about running tall and with a slight lean forward - your whole body not just from the hips. Aim for a mid foot strike rather than landing on your heels to prevent injury

  • Mix it up - if you’re wanting to beat your PB, you need to challenge your body. Intermingle a run with some fast bursts (80-100m distance at 90% effort) to activate those fast-twitch muscle fibres needed to run quicker.

  • Build it up - If you’re trying to build on your endurance to run longer races, start by having one run a week as a longer distance, but make sure you do it at a pace you can have a conversation at. Also try changing your tempo, so going into that 'out-of-comfort-zone' for a few minutes in each half hour run.

  • Have the right shoes - getting the right trainers will make a big difference to your running style. Go and visit a specialist shop that are able to test your gait - you can get trainers for neutral, pronated and supinated feet, so always best to get the trainers specially suited for your foot and running style. They also need changing after about 300-500 miles as the cushioning and stability go, so although they may look fine, they're not doing you any good if they've been used this much.

  • Strengthen up - build up muscle strength through resistance work such as squats, lunges, planks

Need help with improving your general strength and fitness, then get in contact and we can look at personal training options.

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