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Days 19-21 Advent Calendar

DAY 19

High intensity is up to 50% more effective than low intensity long duration – keeps your metabolism revved up for a long time after exercise, so you’re burning calories even when you take a break on the sofa after class!

DAY 20

Our last two exercise routines worked mainly the lower body, so this time we’re working the upper body!

4 exercises for 4 minutes:

Arm circles (30 sec each direction) – shoulder squeezes (1 minute) – cobra pushups (1 minute) – up and down plank (1 minute)

DAY 21

Don’t skimp on carbs – you need them for energy! I’m not suggesting you go out and stuff your face full of chips, but if you eat the right carbohydrates (whole grains, fruit and veg) you’ll improve your performance and have more energy. If you’re in training for a race then your body certainly needs them.

Carbs digest into glucose, feed the brain, and get stored as glycogen in the muscles. If you eat too few carbs, your muscles will feel needlessly fatigued. By not giving your body any carbs, it will look to get fuel from protein (which isn’t naturally meant to provide you with energy and hence finds it hard to convert, leaving you exhausted). Limited energy then slows your metabolism and therefore doesn’t help much with fat loss.

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