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Keeping on top of it this Christmas

Keeping fit and healthy over Christmas

I know it’s that time of year for indulging and obviously I’m not saying don’t do it (you’ve probably realised I’m not into preaching about clean eating etc!), but there are things you can do for damage limitation!

  • It’s a busy time and hard to fit in classes or long gym sessions, so why not break your exercise down into bite sized chunks - 10 mins when you get up, 10 mins at lunch and 10 mins before dinner etc. As long as you push yourself in that time, it’s still of great benefit

  • Get out and walk about, even if it’s just round the shops for sale shopping. You’ll be doing more walking than you realise and you’ll be getting much needed fresh air.

  • If you’ve got kids and they get activity based toys (scooters, bikes etc), go out and play with them.

  • Earn your mince pie - do an exercise session to counteract a few of those calories!

  • Think before eating. Do you really want that handful of salted nuts or that quality street? Are you actually hungry or is it just because it’s there?

  • Watch what you’re drinking, especially when you’re at home and just free-pouring. Finish a glass before topping up so you know how much you’re having. Go for the lower cal options like Gin and Slim line tonic or dilute your drinks with a spritzer.

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