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So far so good

So the treat-free challenge is going ok. I'm on day 10 now and apparently this is when the 'habit' is meant to be kicked by. I'm happy with how it's gone so far, but I do miss being able to nibble on a biscuit when I fancy it. I still also have the mind set of having something sweet after my lunch (dinner I'm ok with), so I have been having yoghurt with fruit or cereal and milk, so I don't think, in my head, that the 'habit' is fully changed.

I am much more mindful of what I'm eating and i've been pushing it all on to my long-suffering fiance - our packed lunches now have energy balls, crudites and houmous and plain popcorn, rather than the crisps and kitkats he used to snack on! Secretly I think he quite likes it! He's even trying to get fitter and is using my PT services.

Tomorrow will be the first proper treat challenge I've faced - someone is leaving work and that means 'cake' and lots of it. Will I be able to resist? this space!

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