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12 days of Christmas Recovery Exercises

Christmas, as we all know, is a time of excess, especially when it comes to food and drink. I'm guessing exercise has fallen by the wayside??

Well, over the next 12 days I'm going to post one exercise a day to ease you back into it. One day one we'll do an exercise once, day two we'll do an exercise with 2 repetitions plus the exercise from day one - basically each day you will add on an exercise. Given we're only doing a small number of reps, it really is easy to fit in and will hopefully get you in the mood to exercise fully when the 12 days are up.

Day one: a 30 second plank. Give me a nice straight body, bum down and hold it. 30 seconds if you're new to planks or 1 minute if you're a more seasoned planker!


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