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Small group training

Come and join me for some small group training sessions in my private garden studio.

These sessions will be for 3 lovely women to get fit together in a friendly and fun environment. Get the best of both personal training and the class environment!

Why you should do it....

It’s a judgement-free welcoming zone and it doesn’t matter if you’ve never stepped foot in a gym before

It offers the camaraderie of a friendly fitness family

You get oodles of accountability to really help you reach your goals

It’s a more cost-effective alternative to 121 PT with me, but still with bucket loads of my expertise to help you boss midlife!

What you get....
  • An introductory 121 goals and assessment session to see where you’re at and where you want to be

  • There are currently 2 sessions per week (you can do 1 or both if space) . Current times are Monday 11am, and Tuesday 6.45pm. More to come

  • Our sessions will cover a mix of cardio, strength and flexibility to offer well-rounded workouts. Ones that will progress with you

  • Modifications will be given so you can be assured of a suitable level

  • Support and guidance from me throughout

  • Accountability from me and the group

  • Regular progress checks to monitor your fitness journey

  • Fun challenges along the way to keep you motivated and excited

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Ultimately my aim is to mix the best bits of personal training (individual attention, tailored programmes, and my expertise) and combine with the best bits of group exercises (team spirit, fun, and challenge)

Next steps

1) Have a chat with me to discuss if it's for you

2) Sign up for your place

3) Book your free 121 session with me

4) Pop the dates in your diary and get EXCITED!

Payment info

Special introductory offer for founding members:

1 session per week: £100 billed every 4 weeks (£25 per session)

2 sessions per week: £180 billed every 4 weeks (£22.50 per session)

Commitment required:

The initial contract is for 12 weeks minimum (as this is a great time in which to see results!) but you will then be put on a rolling contract and I would just request a months notice when cancelling. Join at any time, although nice to join at same time as others so as to enjoy the journey together

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