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Realistic, achievable health and fitness training that fits round your schedule!

  • stuck in a rut with your health and fitness and finding it hard to get motivated or find the energy?

  • doing the same as you’ve always done, but now in midlife you’re simply not seeing the changes?

  • struggling to find the time to actually focus on your body and give it a break from the stresses of the world?

If so.....

Are you....


Are you ready to get results like these clients?

Caroline, PT client

Sarah has really helped me to find my way again, and build my strength and fitness back up, and with it, my confidence.

Maria, PT client

I have massively seen my strength, stamina and confidence grow. Sarah has motivated me and encouraged me to be a better version of myself.

Sarah, Pilates & Lift Lean CLUB

Sarah has a lovely manner and I thoroughly enjoy and look forward to my Pilates classes. I have also joined her Lift Lean CLUB, which is fab, with live sessions and posts that are engaging and totally relevant to me.


How you can work with me

Psychology Patient


personalised programmes and coaching that fits round your life (in-person and online)


classes and corporate sessions designed to help you switch off from the outside world


short courses and membership club with community support and accountability

Fit Woman


challenges and resources to help you get started


About Me

About Me


Hello, I'm Sarah!

I’m passionate about women’s wellness and I want to help you on your journey to a healthier more active life – making you feel more confident and happy in and with your body.

As a working mum in her midlife, I understand the lack of time to spend on yourself, the busy logistics of family and work life and also the discovery that the exercise you did and the food you ate in your younger days, now doesn’t have the same impact on your overall health and fitness! Plus, that fat seems to easily creep onto the waist line…..

I’m here to help you make the lifestyle changes (and not just with the exercise!) that will allow you to better navigate this next stage of life.

Helping you...

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improve your mobility and flexibility as well as prevent aches and pains

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understand your changing body and gain confidence in its abilities

LifeFit icon.png

increase your strength and general fitness and get back your lust for life

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gain the energy to cope better with the busy-ness of life

Business Owner

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