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About me

  • Say NO to fad diets and extreme workouts!
    This is definitely not what you'll get from me. Just common sense health and fitness advice, exercise programmes and nutrition ideas, to set you up for life and not just the short term. ​ I want you to succeed! Whether your goal is to banish the fat, get back your energy and fitness levels, run a marathon, improve your strength or simply keep fit and healthy, my classes and personal training can help. I'm passionate about women's wellbeing and I want to help you on your journey to a healthier more active life - making you feel confident and happy in your body. So what can I do to help you personally? Get in touch for a chat
  • A little bit about me
    My background is in marketing (over 15 years), but with the birth of my daughter in 2012, focus on my work/life balance moved up the priorities list. Switching from an office job with stable income to one where I was 'the boss' and responsible for everything from finances to marketing to sales to admin, was somewhat daunting, but the flexibility and the satisfaction when you help a client reach their goals, is well and truly worth that bit of instability. ​ I'm truly passionate about exercise and hope that I can get you inspired. My daughter sees me training people and pretends to train me, so I absolutely love the fact that I'm getting the importance of fitness across to someone so young. Now on to those of you that are older..... :-) ​ Thinking about upping your fitness but not sure where to start, get in touch for a chat! Hear from some of my happy customers ​
  • Qualifications
    STOTT PILATES instructor (Merrithew) Level 3 Personal Trainer (Fitness Industry Education) Level 2 Gym instructor (Fitness Industry Education) Specialist qualifications in adapting exercise for Ante & Post-Natal and the Independently Active Older Adult (YMCAFit and Burrell Education) STOTT Pilates post-natal training (Merrithew)
  • Courses
    Circuit training, YMCAFit Core Stability, YMCAFit Supple Strength, YMCAFit PiYo, Beachbody
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Excited to have been one of the 5 finalists for Best Fitness Instructor this year!


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