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How to keep going with your fitness routine in lockdown

Don't give up on the work you were doing before all this lockdown happened. Or if you went gung ho at first, maybe just tone it down rather than quitting fully.⁠ Things may have started to ease slightly, but the kids still need attention, there are far to many blooming meals to cook, constant snack requests, multiple web conferences to attend and the feeling that you need to show your worth at work. ⁠ It's all pretty stressful, but don't let that impact your exercise routine and your self care. Easier said than done I know, but exercise/being active really boosts serotonin levels and makes you feel so much better, lifting your mood. And by looking after yourself, you're in a better position to care for others, and again in a better mood.⁠ >> Maybe you don't go all out with an hour long HIIT workout now though - instead do it in shorter bursts to fit round your life!⁠ >> And don't feel you have to do Joe Wicks every day for example - you are allowed breaks and you shouldn't feel pressured to do it on those occasions you're simply not feeling it (although I often find it's those times when I feel the most benefit afterwards 😀)⁠ >> Maybe a properly structured workout isn't the right thing for you, so find something you enjoy - maybe dancing around the kitchen or running up and down the garden with the kids is your 'thing'⁠ Who knows when things are going to be back to 'normal' but it's definitely worth trying to keep to some sort of exercise routine (however loose) so that when we do go back it's not as hard a slog to get back on track. I certainly wouldn't recommend sacking it off as it might still be a while off! 😑⁠


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