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How to put yourself first

I’m a huge advocate of looking after yourself. I believe that by attending to your needs and having time to re-energise, you’ll be in a better space to look after others. I don’t know about you but I can get pretty ratty with my little one if I’ve not had any time to myself. My patience wears a little thin!! The other parents will no doubt be with me on this one!

Looking after yourself need not be a full day at a luxury spa (although this would of course be amazing), it can just be a few stolen minutes here and there. Here are my top 12 ideas (in no particular order) of what you could do to re-charge those batteries:

  • Run yourself a bubble bath, light some candles, pour a wine and relax

  • Grab a cuppa and your favourite book and have a read for half an hour

  • Download something like Headspace and do some guided meditation – you can do this for anything from 5 minutes

  • Put your shoes on and get some fresh air (and vitamin D) by going for a walk

  • Book into an exercise class, get your partner to come and play tennis, squash etc or take to the local pool for a swim

  • Enjoy a meal out with your partner or friend

  • Pick up the phone and have a chat with your friend – we get in a habit of texting/Whatsapping and never speak these days!

  • Go to your local salon for a relaxing treatment. And no, doing those maintenance things like waxing does not count!

  • Take in a movie, whether that be at the cinema or on TV, but make sure it’s uninterrupted time

  • Go shopping and buy yourself something nice

  • Try a mindful exercise class such as yoga or Pilates and work on that mind body connection

  • Have a siesta – it works well in Spain so give it a go

Obviously everyone is different, so it’s worth putting together a list of your own that encompasses your hobbies or things you enjoy doing.


It’s a bit like exercising for many - if it’s not in the diary then every excuse under the sun will come out, and you’ll simply never do it!

At the very least I hope these give you a few ideas and that you actually get up and action something.

Let me know how you get on and what your favourite ways of de-stressing are. Come join me on my Facebook group and share away!


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