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How to protect your back in pregnancy

Lots of the pregnant ladies I work with tell me how they get back ache and ask how they can protect it. The key is to strengthening the back in the first place, but here I give you some tips and a few stretches that will help alleviate the aches and pains once you have them.

Back tips

Pregnancy may change the shape of your back and how you move. You may end up with an enhanced curve as the growing tummy wants to push forward and your pelvis will become more unstable due to the relaxin in your body. This can cause stiffness and pain, but there are ways to alleviate/prevent this:

  • If you’re desk based, make sure you get up and walk about every 30 minutes or so

  • Exercise for at least 30 minutes for 5 days of the week to keep active and mobile

  • Do stretches such as the child’s pose and the cat (ask me if you’re not sure which these are)

  • Do hip circles on an exercise ball or some pelvic tilts

  • Make sure you’re not standing too often (get those people on the train to shift!), but if you are standing, think about your posture and standing tall

My BumpFit class takes you through the strengthening of your back among other areas and gives tips and exercises to help you have as fit and healthy a pregnancy as possible. But, if you don't live in my area or are unable to make a class, then my video for 3 stretches should help.

Hold the stretches for 5-10 seconds max. Come out of the stretch for a couple of seconds and then go back into it if needed. Apologies but you'll have to tilt your head for the last exercise! If anyone know how to rotate a section of a video do let me know! :-)


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