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What to eat to look beautiful

Eating well can make us feel and look good, but what foods should you be eating to get the best complexion, hair, nails etc?

Strawberries, blueberries and blackberries – all have great antioxidants and vitamin C which regulates collagen and helps form barrier lipids which prevent moisture loss (and hence dry skin)

Lentils - great for the hair. Rich in iron and zinc they’ll give you rich, thick and shiny hair

Almonds and other nuts – good fats and rich in vitamin E which helps protect and repair skin

Green veg – always good to get in your diet as they have so many nutritional benefits, but they have iron and vitamin E so again are great for skin and hair

Colourful peppers and tomatoes – lots of vitamin C here as well

Fish – vitamins A and D as well as our essential Omega 3 fatty acids. Vit A can help regulate oil production, preventing spots and stretch marks. Vit D to replenish hydration and boost elasticity and omega 3 is amazing for skin, nails and hair!

Eggs and dairy – not forgetting that a smile sets a face, calcium is needed for healthy, strong teeth

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