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Seven tips for a great green juice

With it being St Patrick’s Day today I thought I’d share something green with you! And that ‘green’ is a juice.

A couple of years ago I bought myself a Nutribullet (other brands available!) and I still love it. If you have the fruit and veg to hand then it really is easy to whip up a juice. I like to have mine first thing, to really kick start my day, but you can have them any time you fancy a boost. It’s a great way of getting in more of your, now 10 a day!

Tips for the best juice:

  • If you’re new to juicing then opt for spinach as your base vegetable. It’s not got a particularly powerful taste so can be easily disguised by other fruit, particularly apples and bananas. Once you’ve eased yourself in you can then go on to kale and other leafy greens

  • Make sure the bulk of your juice is vegetable and limit the fruit, to ensure you’re not getting too much sugar

  • Keep on the stalks, peel etc as this is where you get a lot of goodness from, including fibre – no need to waste anything here

  • Add water or coconut water to loosen the liquid

  • Adding bananas and avocado makes it more like a smoothie with their creaminess

  • Add chia seeds / linseeds / wheatgrass / spirulina for added nutrients

  • Experiment! There are loads of recipes out there so maybe try them to start with, but then have fun and test out different combinations

And here’s one of my recipes from this week:

The Creamy Green

  • Big handful of spinach

  • Half an avocado

  • Apple (discard the core for this)

  • Spoonful of chia seeds and linseeds

  • Cup of water (add more at the end if too thick)

Method – chuck it all in the juicer! Simple

I’m always looking for new recipes so please do share any that you really like.


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