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Taking a babymoon


Aside from those due imminently, these are the last few months of just being a 'pair'. It may well be a while before you get to have a relaxing and romantic break again, so why not organise a babymoon and make the most of it? Your 2nd trimester is definitely the best time (in terms of comfort) to travel. When planning it though, be sure to think about:

The journey and destination:

  • It depends on where you are in your pregnancy but you probably don't want to be doing long haul trips or ones involving lots of transfers, as it simply won't be comfortable.

  • If going by air, check restrictions on planes (some need a doctors note to say you’re ok to fly)

  • It's generally best to avoid places that need vaccinations and places with mosquito born diseases

  • Get up and walk about the plane/ train (or move your feet about if this isn’t possible), so as to minimise cramping, leg pains and swelling

  • Keep seat belts below your abdomen

  • Take things like travel pillows for comfort, especially useful when waiting around

The planning:

  • Medical backup - take your notes, notify midwife and check what facilities are available nearby

  • Take multiple comfortable shoes. Your feet may swell, particularly in hotter climes so worth having breathable shoes/ sandals

  • Your body temperature may fluctuate so again take various layers for all occasions

  • Schedule in plenty of rest breaks so that you're not constantly on the go

The relaxation:

  • Running around and trying to see and do as much as you possibly can, isn't really best for when you're pregnant. Take your time. Don't rush. Just enjoy. If you're tired, take a break

  • Try something different - maybe go for a different type of holiday, or do different activities while you're there.

  • Have some romantic meals with your partner just the two of you

The food:

  • Be aware of the food stuffs you should be avoiding

  • Eat healthily and get the right nutrients. In hotter climes this is often easier as there's plenty of fresh fruit and salads available

  • Pack snacks for when you're out so you don't get caught short

  • Drink plenty of water - keep sipping throughout the day to avoid dehydration

I did a trip to Japan/Dubai at 22 weeks and a lovely weekend in Paris at 8 months and would definitely recommend getting away. With not being able to eat sushi or go in hot spas, Japan probably wasn't the best choice, but it was something I'd always wanted to do and I think it would have been a while before I got to do it with kids!

Where would you go if you could?


I highly recommend Hazel at Travel with Kitts in Potters Bar if you want to make a getaway. She will take away all the research time and get you a great deal, whatever type of holiday you’re after. I booked my honeymoon with her and I can’t sing her praises enough! / 01707 655 567

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