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How to be a fit and healthy mum-to-be

Being pregnant brings lots of joy, but it can also bring the aches, the tiredness and emotional fragility, so making sure you and baby are feeling good over the 9 months is really important. So what do you need?

  • Time to indulge in ‘me time’ - have a weekend away or pamper yourself

  • Get active - exercising brings lots of benefits, such as helping ward off excessive weight gain, ease tiredness, reduce the aches and pains. Even getting out and walking every day will help.

  • Getting the right nutrients - your baby takes a lot of your nutrients so it’s important to ensure you’re getting enough of the right things for both of you to benefit (See below)

  • Visit the dentist - pregnancy can bring about bleeding gums and sensitive teeth, and as you have free dental appointment during pregnancy, make sure you utilise them

  • Quality time - make sure you have time with your partner, where it’s not just about the baby.

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