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Days 23 and 24 Advent Calendar

It's the final two days! Hope you had an amazing Christmas and New Year and managed to see these on Facbook before now.

DAY 23

Don’t miss out those exercises you hate or lift weights that are easy – your muscles need the challenge!

Push those muscles and you’ll see the results faster.

Muscle fibers adapt fairly quickly, and the effectiveness of a once-challenging workout can quickly fade. This means you should continually increase the challenge—so long as you maintain good form—and never fall into a comfort zone.

DAY 24

This is one for you to contribute to: This years challenge for me was to run a half marathon and I did that and was super happy with my time. Still trying to decide what next years will be.

So tell me (in the comments) - what’s your fitness or nutrition challenge for 2016?

A big Happy Christmas to you all!!


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