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Days 1-6 Advent Calendar

So Christmas is a coming. And what better way to get it started than by some exercises, tips and recipes? I've been posting these on Facebook each day, but if you haven't been checking them out, then I'm going to add them all here so you can see them together.


A refreshing green smoothie recipe to start you off.

½ avocado

½ cucumber

1 tsp flaxseed

1 tbsp oats

6 oz coconut water

Juice of half a lime


Training advice

Don’t get stuck in a rut – doing the same exercise in day in day out won’t help you reach your goals. Yes you’ll see the results initially but your muscles will plateau. Once this happens they’re just plodding along and it’s totally not worth doing – they need to be constantly challenged. So make sure you progress your plan by increasing intensity, weights, duration (one at a time tho!)


Come and try out my Circuits (Mon 8pm, St Michaels School) or PiYo (Tues 8pm, Shogun MMA Studio) classes and you can get your first class for half price. Valid on classes until 31 Jan


HIIT routine

Sprints – standing crunches – burpees – up and down plank – jumping lunges – squat with side leg lift.

45 secs full out and 15 sec rest between


Get eating Quinoa:

Great alternative to white rice

Double the calcium / 5 x potassium / 8 x more iron / lots of protein / 7 times more fibre

And it’s low GI so no spikes in blood sugar levels


Muscles and weights

Lifting weights will not make you look like a bodybuilder, unless you train every day, lift extremely heavy weights, take supplements and eat to grow. This not something most exercisers will do, so don’t worry. Lifting weights will build muscle and make you lean. Unlike cardio, it will enable you to keep burning calories when you rest after your session and who doesn’t want to loose calories sitting on the sofa?!

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