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Getting PiYo on

I did the training back in June and I can finally say I am now teaching PiYo. I've found a great studio (conveniently near my house - yay!) and my first class was last night. Trying something new is always a bit daunting, so I was a little worried that I'd be standing there on my own! PiYo is from the makers of Insanity and although that has a good name for itself, PiYo isn't really known yet, so getting people engaged and interested in coming along is slightly more of a challenge. Thankfully I had a nice number in the class and I'm really pleased with how it went. Everyone worked really hard and I think they enjoyed it ;-) I had a couple of people do the block booking straight away so it can't have been too bad!

Funny how you practice at home and it all goes swimmingly, but as soon as you get in front of a live audience, your memory for the routine goes completely to pot!! Most of my sections went fine, but one did get slightly messed up - I did get everything in, albeit in slightly the wrong order. Not sure anyone noticed (fingers crossed!) though, so all good. I'll be doing the same routines for a few weeks at a time so practice makes perfect and all that!

So, if you're reading this and have no idea what PiYo is, then here's a quick precis:

It combines pilates, yoga and bodyweight moves to make you a leaner, stronger person. There's lots of sun salutations, downward dogs, squats, lunges etc and the beauty is that no equipment is needed - just your own body. It's low impact (no jumping about like Insanity), but it's high intensity, so you will definitely feel the burn and will most definitely sweat A LOT. Don't dwell on the yoga/pilates part as it's not a sedate class all about the breathing and positioning - it's just influenced by those styles and has a different twist on some of their moves.

After that description, who's going to come and join me next time? If you're interested, it's every Tuesday at 8pm, Shogun MMA Studio on Baker Street, Enfield.

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