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Am I too old to take up exercise?

You’re never too old to start exercising! It doesn’t matter if you’ve done exercise in the past or not, it’s still worth taking up some sort of physical activity to help you age healthily. From 1985 to 2010 the number of over 65’s went up 20% to 10.3 million (17% of the population) and in the same period over 85’s doubled. So, our population is definitely ageing.

Do you want to be the stereotypical ‘old’ person or do you want to feel fit and healthy and enjoy your retirement and your grandkids?

There are masses of benefits to exercising later on in life, such as:

  • Reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, strokes and type 2 diabetes

  • Increased muscular strength, mobility and flexibility to help you with your every day life

  • Reduces the risk of falls

  • Reduces and controls high blood pressure

  • Maintains independence and wellbeing - no-one wants to be a burden on family as they get older

  • Improves balance and coordination

  • Reduces stress and anxiety and boosts your mood

  • Enhances sleep quality and quantity

  • If doing classes then it’s also great for socialising and meeting new people

So what’s stopping you getting out there and doing something active. I’m not suggesting you suddenly decide to run a marathon (although, fantastic if you can do it!), but try easing yourself in. There are great classes out there - Zumba gold, pilates, yoga, aqua aerobics, or if you’re not quite ready to do something with other people, then why not get down the swimming pool, take to a bike or go for a long walk through the park. Go for it!

I’m not currently running any classes specifically for this age group but I am qualified to teach and adapt exercises for you, so please let me know if you want any one-to-one personal training or tell me if you have any class ideas!

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