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14 day Healthy Starter Programme

Lost your exercise mojo? Or did you simply not have it to start with? My 14-day Healthy Starter programme gives you the initial boost you need to get into an exercise routine, whether you’re new to exercise or you’ve had a long break.


With a variety of workouts, a nutritional plan and motivation, delivered to your inbox daily, you have no excuse not to get back on track. Change your lifestyle for the better!

14 day Healthy Starter



Get started now for just £35 for your 14 day programme.

Limited numbers available at this price, so get it before the price rises.

What do I get?


10 recorded workouts:

Easy to fit into your day

Modifications offered depending on fitness level

Different styles of workout


7 day meal plan:

Shopping list for easy planning

Simple recipes to follow

No complex ingredients needed

Bonus meal and snack recipes


Daily emails of encouragement:

Tips and advice on how to stick to your new plan

Motivational quotes

Email and social media support

Meet The Team

Sarah Wässer

I'm a Level 3 personal trainer with qualifications in adapting exercise for pre and postnatal women as well as the older generation. I do however, work with people at all stages of life and with all types of end goal, so I've created videos that I hope offer enough modifications to suit everyone.

If you're in the North London area and need a more personal approach then please do check out the rest of my website or drop me a line to discuss options

Ellie Holly

I completed a four year BSc (Hons) Herbal Medicine at Middlesex University and since qualifying in  2000, have continuously seen patients at my private practice, while also teaching Nutrition at two central London colleges. 
I'm passionate about supporting patients in their path back to good health and empowering them to take charge of their own well-being.

I offer free ten minute telephone consultation to discuss whether or not herbal medicine or nutrition is suitable for you – call 07949463288 or email
 me to arrange an appointment.

14 day Healthy Starter



Frequently Asked Questions

Are there specific start times?

No, you can start whenever you like

When will I receive my first email?

As soon as you’ve signed up and paid you will get a confirmation email. Your first day will start the following day

How often do I receive emails?

You will receive one email per day for 14 days

How many workouts do I receive?

Over the course of the 2 weeks you will receive 10 different workouts

I’m a beginner – will I be able to cope?

Of course. There are modifications on how to make the exercises easier or harder. Some may be difficult at first, but the key is to keep trying

What support will I get?

There is a closed facebook group you can join so there’s the opportunity to get support from your peers, but I am also available should you need anything.

Do I need any equipment?

No, all exercises can be done just using your own bodyweight. Although there are places where you can add weights if you have them

Do I work out every day?

There are rest days incorporated into the programme, but you work out most days. Workouts are short enough to fit into your day

How does the meal planning work?

At the beginning of the first week you will receive a shopping list and a week long meal plan. During the second week you will also received bonus meals and snack ideas

Do I get recipes?

Yes. We've chosen recipes that are easy to prepare and use minimal ingredients. They indicate if they are gluten or diary free and where relevant, how you can make a menu vegetarian

Where do I sign up?

Click the 'Get Started' button on this page.

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