Sabrina (and her mum) - Personal Training

​After having my little one I put on 2 stone and although I knew I wanted to lose it, just didn't know where to start really. Sarah put a plan together and within six weeks not only had I lost a stone, but also a lovely 9cm off my waist! Her sessions are always fun and something I look forward to and have greatly improved my general fitness too. I would definitely recommend Sarah to anyone looking for a bit of guidance and support or general improvement in fitness levels.

Maria - Personal Training

Having never worked out before (and with a phobia of exercising wrongly) I started working with Sarah as a personal trainer 18 months ago. I was impressed with her initial consultation – there was no judgement, just an open discussion around personal goals and potential lifestyle changes. I found myself getting stronger with every session, and exercises that seemed impossible slowly became possible. Sarah also provided me with exercises I could do on a daily basis when I wasn’t having a personal training session with her, which helped maintain and speed up results. Sarah changes the programme monthly – meaning my body never gets bored of doing the same routines. This also ensures that every muscle group is worked and I’m pushed to the limits but in a fun way. By seeing Sarah and changing my eating habits, I was able to feel confident for the first time ever on holidays and especially on my wedding and honeymoon. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sarah. She has transformed the way I think about keeping fit.

Ann - Personal Training

I am one of Sarah’s more senior clients! She comes to my house once a week for an hour-long session of exercise, including lifting weights. She always makes sure that I am in the correct position for each exercise and I have complete confidence that she will never allow me to push myself beyond my capabilities. She also varies the routines, so that I regularly have to face new challenges and cannot become complacent! I have never been interested in going to a gym but I feel fitter and stronger from doing regular exercise and l really enjoy my weekly session with Sarah

Nicola - Post-Natal Personal Training

After having my first baby, I had gone from a size 12 to a large size 16. I was on maternity leave with a young baby and no babysitter to do regular gym sessions. A friend recommended Sarah to me as a trainer that comes to your house (or wherever) at a time that suits you, which was perfect for me. Sarah is a post-natal qualified trainer so I knew the exercises she was setting were safe for me, especially after a c-section. She also helps with diet and gives you training to do at home. I've seen positive results (improved strength) and weight loss, and whilst I'm not at my desired weight yet, I've managed to sustain what we've achieved so far. After returning to work I've not been able to train with Sarah and I really miss it!

Gulsum - Pre and Post Natal Personal Training

After my first consultation with Sarah I instantly warmed to her caring, friendly nature which made me feel at ease. My aim was to maintain my well-being whilst being careful during my pregnancy. Working with Sarah on my fitness has been great. Our sessions were always hard work but always with an element of fun, enjoyment being so important to keep me motivated. When I thought I couldn’t do anymore she gave me the right encouragement and never made me feel pressured or intimidated. The sessions were continually adapted during the 5 months to make it comfortable for when my bump got bigger. My best result from working with Sarah was my body being incredibly toned. Sarah became a friend, someone who I could discuss my pregnancy with; even when I went on holiday she put together a little schedule that I could follow. I can’t recommend Sarah enough. When I felt ready after giving birth I attended her BabyFit classes outdoors which was great as a new mum. I then continued personal training sessions where Sarah entertained my daughter as I exercised. I quickly lost my baby weight and my body was in a great condition returning to my pre-baby weight. It gave me the confidence and energy as a new mum! Even now when sadly I am no longer a client there is still the genuine interest in how I am doing.

Gemma - PiYo

Sarah's PiYo class is great! It's tough and a real total body workout but I feel so much better for doing it. Feeling stronger and fitter every week!

Nasstassia - Post Natal Personal Training

I would recommend Sarah without hesitation. She's fabulous! My baby daughter was only 12 weeks old, I was exclusively breastfeeding & getting very little sleep but I knew that I wanted to do some exercise to start toning up to feel like myself again. I couldn't go to the gym at that stage & so I tried to find a personal trainer that I would feel comfortable enough to have in our home & in close proximity to my new baby. Sarah was the perfect fit. I had 12 weeks of carefully planned post natal exercise (with noticeable results!), my baby girl happily had cuddles with Sarah so that mummy could do "10 more reps!" and I was able to benefit from Sarah's dynamic approach, including her extremely helpful lifestyle tips along the way.

Emma - BumpFit

I attended BumpFit from 6 weeks pregnant up until 38 weeks 4 days and it was absolutely brilliant ( I went into labour and had my baby within 24 hours of my last class!!) Each week the classes were different and we worked different muscle groups which aided us during pregnancy and after. What I liked most about the classes was you could take it at your own pace, depending on how you felt on that day. After every class I felt full of energy! Exercising throughout my pregnancy was the best thing I could have done as it assisted with my labour greatly. I would highly recommend Bump Fit to all.

Jenny - Post Natal Personal Training

Sarah gave me fantastic support and advice as I tried to get back into shape and up my fitness levels following the birth of my second child. She has excellent knowledge of postnatal issues and put me on a superb plan for recovery. To top it off she makes the session fun and she leaves you feeling great!

Heather - Personal Training

Sarah is an incredibly supportive PT, who really listens to my requirements and has tailored a fitness and toning programme to suit my changing needs. I have been impressed with her detailed knowledge when I ask questions and the range of new exercise techniques and ideas she has introduced me to. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Sarah to anyone who is looking for a knowledgeable and friendly trainer, who has real passion for her subject.

Rachel - Bump & BabyFit

I completed BumpFit courses with Sarah throughout my pregnancy and then joined BabyFit after my daughter was born. Having been quite active before pregnancy I liked going to BumpFit because I knew that I was staying fit in a safe way. BabyFit was also wonderful for getting out of the house and making friends with other mums who were a wonderful source of advice.