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How menopause coaching will work for you

Menopause can leave you:

 feeling unable to cope with your work, family and life logistics

 tired, which impacts on your productivity and your motivation

 stressed out, irritable and anxious

 frustrated with how your body reacts with aches and pains

 unconfident in how you look

Ultimately it affects everyone in a different way but if you’re feeling the struggle or you just want to feel more YOU, then coaching can really turn this around.

But how will coaching with me help? What are the benefits?

1) It’s about taking stock and empowering you with the knowledge to help yourself. It offers an opportunity to stand back, take stock, reflect and work through challenges. By doing this it will help you understand yourself better and ultimately build confidence and self-esteem.

I’ll also share my learnings on all things menopause and we’ll work out what combination of activities will enable you to have a positive journey, with minimal issues with symptoms!

2) It’s about having meaningful judgement-free conversations - asking important questions, reflecting on the responses, offering observation and feedback.

I’m here as a sounding board, as sometimes we just don’t realise how things are affecting us until we talk about them and actually normalise them. You aren’t on your own with this.

3) It’s about unpicking negative thoughts and actions. I will help you work through unhelpful thinking patterns and let go of self-limiting beliefs.

We’ll work on creating healthy habits, enabling you to reduce stress and anxiety, and significantly improve both your mental wellbeing and your physical.

4) It’s about getting back a lust for life. It’s time to re-ignite your passion and work on your strengths, helping you find a purpose and a goal for this next stage in life.

Basically it will provide a way of managing this important transition in your life, identifying changes that you might need to make to make it successful

5) It’s about getting the support you need. I will help you with motivation and accountability to keep you on track. We’ll do this through 121 coaching, nutritional advice and fitness programmes, among other things.

What it’s not:

> Me telling you what you should do

> Me giving you a cookie cutter template to follow

Everyone is different so what works for one doesn’t always work for another, so coaching is about working with you to discover the secret sauce for you, and you alone!


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