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The final straight

Ok so this trimester is enjoyable in that it's not going to be long until you meet your bundle of joy, but it's also the one where you're probably feeling big, heavy, uncomfortable and maybe a tad nervous.

Hopefully these few tips will help:

  • Indigestion, heartburn and frequent wee-ing: eat small meals - there's not much space in your body for a baby and food. Hydration is important, but do your drinking in the day and try to limit what you drink before bed to reduce the night time trips to the loo

  • Go to a birthing class of some description, whether that's NCT or the ones your hospital runs. Great for giving advice and showing you what to expect, but also great for meeting other people and sharing tips.

  • Keep active. Most of you ladies are doing good on this front by coming to class, but there are going to be times closer to your due date that you really don't feel like it. Do try and get out and walk about though - it will help with insomnia, cramps, digestion etc and it can help get the labour started!

  • Don't stress out trying to get everything done. You aren't preparing for an apocalypse - you CAN still do things once the baby is born! And, anything urgent - family and partners can help.

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