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First rule: don't talk about it

A recent visit to a Fight Klub class showed me I'm not as much of a feeble puncher as I'd originally thought!

Fight Klub was set up by Troy Dureh, a celebrity fitness trainer and presenter back in 2003. Instructors can do training courses in this style, as they can Insanity and Zumba, but Fight Klub isn't one I'd heard of until recently. I'm more of an abs and lower body girl so boxing has never been high on my agenda, but actually I now love it. It's so energising and a great way of getting rid of those frustrations from the day. The only downside was that it got my adrenaline going so much I couldn't sleep!

So what does the class involve?

First a bit of a cardio warm up (after a quick getting to know people near you) as a group, after which we split into groups around a freestandin punchbag (about 4-5 of us). Over the rest of the session we were given various combos involving jabs, crosses, hooks, upcuts and kicks. Possibly not one for the uncoordinated, as a stray kick or punch coud be damaging! The instructor really got us going and made us count down all the exercises and shout out moves - helps keep the brain working and is pretty motivating. Despite feeling a little silly shouting in front of people I'd only just met, I was shouting with the best of them by the end.

Overall summary - a great upper body workout (with a little lower), friendly atmosphere, motivating and incredibly sweaty! I will definitely be going back and I've already bought some gloves and pads so I can do some routines with my personal training clients!

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