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Get fit, Be:Fit

One way of trying out new and exciting classes is to go to the Be: Fit exhibitions, where they have all the latest and popular classes, along with all your nutritional and clothing needs! With only one day to spare out of 'the office', I took the opportunit to try out 3 classes (pretty much one after another). I don't know how those fitness instructors that teach multiple classes a day do it. After just 2.5 hours, my legs were shot, so I really admire anyone that does this regularly!

So, my first class (after a lovely free, 20 minute massage!) was 1.5 hours of House of Voga. A great idea - great 80's sound track to yoga moves that had been jazzed up (think Madonna vogue moves!) Definitely a class to make you feel glam. Although I'm not sure I looked as good / stylish doing it!

Second up was Body by FRAME, which was more like the HIIT and circuit moves I do in my classes, but a lot more choregraphed and coordinated! Certainly worked up a sweat with lots of burpess and plyometric moves.

And to end my 'triathalon' of classes was PiYo. Again with inspiration from yoga and pilates, but much more intense moves. Think it was probably this that sent my legs over the edge - there's only so much squatting and lunge-type moves those quads can handle!!

PiYo is launching in the UK shortly and is a great class (from BeachBody, the same company that do Insanity), so watch this space for classes coming to Enfield!!

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