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Getting that get-up-and-go

Getting out there and moving your body, whether that's at a dance class, doing the Insanity workout, working out at the gym or simply going for a long walk, will energise you and make you less stressed and less exhausted. But how do you motivate yourself to actually get off your bum and DO IT?

  • First of all you need a goal (s) - if you're not wanting a hotter body / to lose weight / run a marathon (or whatever) then you're always going to think 'why bother?' Why not sign up to a 5k or some other event (do it with friends for the support) - that way you have no excuse but to work towards something

  • Start slowly - there's no need to go out and run 10k straight away - work up to it - do a jog round the block and add on a few metres each time

  • Most people finish exercising feeling energised and high on life, so even if you don't feel up to it/ can't be bothered, push yourself to get out there and remember that feeling you had after your last session

  • Buy some new kit that inspires you -you're not going to associate old tracky bottoms and a scuffy tshirt with positive feelings. Get those go-faster stripes! ;-)

  • Schedule sessions into your diary like you would a meeting so it's all pre-planned

  • Make sure you have an uplifting playlist to take you through your session if working out alone

  • Imagine yourself looking truly amazing on the beach this summer and then think about what you could look like if you did nothing and how that makes you feel.

Getting in shape isn't easy and it will be tough to get out there and reach your goals, but boy will it be worth it in the end!

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