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Meal replacement shakes?

Meal replacement shakes (Slimfast, Clean 9, Lighter Life, Cambridge Diet....the list is endless), are great if you want to:

  • Spend a fortune (they cost more than healthily made food costs)

  • Miss out on valuable nutrients you gain from proper food (don’t believe claims they include all the nutrients you need in your diet)

  • Lose weight quickly and then put it back on once you start eating proper solids

  • Taunt your tastebuds with nasty tasting drinks

  • Lose all your muscle tone, as you won't be able to exercise when consuming so few calories.

In summary, although they promise great results (and if you're dedicated they are achievable), those results are definitely not sustainable in the long term. What these diets don't teach you about is the importance of healthy eating and doing exercise that will keep that weight off and help you maintain your health into your older age.

If you want help with nutrition, would like to tone up and lose weight, please contact me and I can organise a personalised plan for you.

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