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After two practice sessions at the gym, Saturday was the big day. This was the exam for Level 2 (qualification to be a fitness instructor) and was held down at a new gym in central London that has been built specifically for exam purposes. I was one of about 8 people doing the practical and our faces were pictures when we first glimpsed at the equipment. All shiny new and unused, they were somewhat different to what we were all used to - no seats for any of the resistance machines. Luckily as they were so unusual, the trainer gave us a brief run through of the teaching points and said that they'd be more lenient as they were new to us. phew!

I was first up and I'm pleased to say it went really well. My 'guinea pig' was perfect and asked all the right questions. It was all a bit daunting having someone watching you, so some things slipped (I got some great feedback on these bits), but overall I did well enough to PASS!

So now I'm on to Level 3. More in-depth anatomy and physiology theory for me now.

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