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The journey to 20 hours!

So I was 12 hours down, with 8 to go and came to a bit of a standstill. It's taken about a month to get these hours and getting those last 8 seemed to be getting harder. The initial gym I was getting the hours from, offer 3 free personal training sessions when you sign up as a member and as they get it free, people seem to think it's ok to cancel at last minute or just not show up. This has lead to too many journeys to the gym only to have to head home again having gained nothing. I'm now back at work (full time office job) after my maternity leave, so these last few hours may be a bit troublesome, but Fit4Less in Enfield have come to the rescue!

On Saturday I shadowed two of their trainers (one a Level 3 trainer and one just at the end of his Level 3 training) for 2 hours, so I'm getting there! The even tested me on my explanations of the machines/exercises and gave me tips. Really helpful!


In other news I have my 'guinea pig' recruited for my exam. A great friend of mine has agreed to help me out in return for some tips on her training regime. A keen runner, she is still eager to know how else she can tone up. I'll be designing a programme for her in the next week or so and will hopefully be able to book in my test date for mid November.

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