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12 days of Fitmas challenge

My gift to you this's the gift of fitness (what else eh?!)

Starting 10 December I will be doing a daily workout for 12 days.

We'll be doing a 'ladder' of 2 exercises - you do both moves once, both moves twice etc, until you get to 12 each.

You don't need any equipment (bar a step/raised surface) and you don't need oodles of time, as these will be done in less than 20 mins.

Join me on Instagram to see the daily demo videos - I may even pop on live and do the whole thing with you one day! And attached to this blog you can see the exercises that will be coming up.

AND, I'm feeling charitable so for every 20 comments I get I will donate £10 to charity (BRACE, an alzheimers research charity local to me). So not only will you do your health and fitness good, you'll also be doing good for charity!!


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