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You've had your bundle of joy - congratulations! 


  • Feel more like ‘you’ again?

  • Improve your energy levels?

  • Rehabilitate your post-baby body?


Having a baby is a very traumatic experience on your body, even if it was a relatively straight-forward birth. Known as the 4th trimester, it’s a time when the body needs a fair bit of love and attention, so jumping straight back into your regular exercise isn't recommended.

Yes, there are things to do to get started, but the key here is to go gently. Firstly the recommended time frame is 6 weeks for a regular birth and 12 weeks for a complicated/c-section birth. Secondly, the exercise you do needs to ease you back in and ‘heal’ your body – you need to heal before you can strengthen, particularly when it comes to Diastasis Recti and Pelvic floors!

Check out my blog for regular posts on post-natal nutrition and exercise. Example: Engaging your pelvic floor


My job at this life stage is to get your energy levels back up and help you feel slightly more normal, as I know how exhausting, mentally and physically, having a newborn is.

After a thorough consultation discussing your pregnancy, the birth and how your healing is going, I will work on a personalised programme that looks at rehabilitating your body (including specialised help for abdominal separation and pelvic floor issues) and safely progressing you back to full fitness.

As well as doing 121 sessions if you have any friends at a similar stage to you, I can train you in small groups or pairs - this will make it cheaper than doing it alone and give you a great support network.

Get in touch to have a chat about your options.


I have 3 classes that I offer, each depending on the stage of post partum you are at and also the type of birthing experience you had:

BabyFit RESTORE: this small personal training group session will give you the foundation to truly rehabilitate your body. We work on strengthening the core, the pelvic floor and working on any issues with abdominal splits and c-section healing.

BabyFit INDOOR: one up from the RESTORE class, dealing with women who maybe haven't had as much labour trauma, but still need to ease back into exercise with some key strengthening

BabyFit OUTDOOR: one for the mums who have done the initial rehabilitation work and feel confident to get out and up the pace a little, getting a little fresh air at the same time.

I am yet to set up any classes in Bristol, but please do drop me a line if you're interested and suggest some times/ places. If I get enough interest I'd happily ste one up.


Are you feeling like you still look pregnant, or are things around your middle just not quite how you think they should be?

Find out, in this free session, if you have a Diastasis Recti (abdominal gap), the extent of any gap and how well functioning those core muscles are!

This knowledge will be a great help for you when planning your postnatal activity and nutrition, to ensure you give your body the healing it needs.

You’ll also come away with a pdf on the Best Healing Foods.

These sessions are free but still need booking. I offer these at my home (BS9) on Tuesday’s between 9.30 and 11.30, at 15 min intervals. Email me with a preferred time and I will confirm.

Want something more in depth? I also do a New mum body assessment where you will also get a full posture and movement analysis, pelvic floor screening chat, nutritional recommendations and discuss how to take your next steps.


Not sure how your body has faired in the post labour period?

Do you feel as though something isn’t quite right? Do you have any aches and pains? Or are you just unsure of where to start when it comes to getting back into a fitness routine?

These tailored sessions allow you to find out more about what your body needs. We will go through the following in an hour long session:

  • Diastasis Recti assessment
  • Pelvic floor health discussion
  • Posture and movement analysis
  • Nutritional recommendations
  • And, a chat about your pregnancy and postnatal recovery to see what your next steps should be.

This checking sessions costs £40 and the aim is that you come away with a renewed respect for your body (and the amazing thing it has just done) and equipped with the knowledge to help your body rehabilitate!

There’s no obligation to do any further sessions with me, but if you sign up within 2 weeks of this New mum body assessment then you will get 10% off your first package with me.

You can book in for these assessments at any time. Please book your time here.


I am now offering group postnatal Pilates classes to help ease you back into exercise and just get your body moving in the right way again, giving your core and pelvic floor some love! This class is perfectly tailored to your new body and being hands-on, you will get the modifications needed to help you in a safe controlled way. Fall back in love with your body! This class is running term time only on a Monday, 12.15pm at The Flamingo Centre Book your place here