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Menopause 101

THE ultimate webinar with Sarah & Womenwise

DATE: Thurs 19 October

TIME: 6.30pm

The essential (and FREE) webinar if you have any questions on menopause that you need answering; you’re wondering if you’re the only one with that random symptom; or you simply want to know what’s to come…

What to expect

We’ll be chatting symptoms (the common and somewhat obscure ones!), about how we can thrive and not just survive this transition and we talk about how it’s not just about HRT but about balancing hormones, nutrients and brain chemistry.

Like you, we have crazy busy schedules and can’t afford too much time out, so we’ve set this webinar for just 45 minutes of your time. Within this we’ll impart our collective wisdom and also give you the chance to ask your questions (feel free to send us them in advance).

We’d recommend joining so as to get the most out of this interactive session*, but if you’re not sure you can make it, sign up and we’ll send you the recording after the event.


*You'll get the zoom link when you sign up

Who's hosting

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